Sprayer OVP 2000


The fan sprayer is designed for use with tractors of drawbar class 1.4. It consists of a chassis, tank made of polymer, cardan transmission, pump, power transmission, pressure regulator, and a fan working body.
The presence of the two-speed gearbox allows for the optimal use of the tractor power, as well as treatment of various perennial crops by way of changing the airflow output.

The panel assures the control of the spray-ing process; it allows turn on and off the left or right spraying boom section.
The two-position head with nozzles of different type sizes and a cut-ff device ensures quick and easy change of applicaion rates. The fan working body has a chemically resistant coating. The diaphragm pump provides a stable work pressure and reliable functioning of the hydraulic communication.

for protection of against pests and diseases: