Advantages of trailed sprayers of the manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt”

Advantages of trailed sprayers of the manufacturer Lvivagromashproekt

Advantages of trailed sprayers of the manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt”
A trailed sprayer is a necessary equipment for every agricultural enterprise.
What technical characteristics to pay attention to, and which model to choose?
Everything depends, first of all, on the size of the sown area and the characteristics of the cultivation of various agricultural crops.
Technical characteristics of trailed sprayers
First of all, you should pay attention to the overall dimensions of the equipment, the working width of the treatment and the height of the rod. For a garden, vineyard or hop field, the trailed blower sprayer ОВП-2000 will be the best option. Rod sprayers are used for treating field crops, the width of the rod can be selected from several options.
The second important characteristic is the capacity of the tank and the presence of a flushing system with an additional tank. Polymer one-piece containers ensure a long service life of the sprayer.
Additional technical parameters, such as a control system, lighting, special spray diffusers, a high-quality pump, a special mixer, greatly facilitate the work of fighting pests and weeds. High-quality components from the best manufacturers are no less important for the reliable operation of the unit.
The Ukrainian manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt” works with proven leaders of the world market: “TeeJet”, “Lechler”, “Annovi Reverberi”, “Polmac”, “Bondioli & Pavesi”.
Advantages of trailed sprayers of the manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt”
Agricultural machinery of domestic production has a number of advantages:
• affordable prices for Ukrainian farmers;
• service guarantee from the manufacturer;
• economical use of resources;
• automation of soil and plant treatment processes.
But the most important thing is the ability to choose the best version of the trailed sprayer for your farm.

Why is seed treatment necessary?
Why is it necessary to treat plants?

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds allows you to achieve disinfection and provides protection at the initial stage of plant disease
Seed treaters reduce the possibility of harvest loss from 40 to 55%. Pre-sowing treatment of seeds has its specific weight in the fight against diseases of agricultural crops. Some farmers do not attach importance to treatment agents, but these are those who have not experienced them in practice and either did not believe in the information about them, or were simply not interested in it. The farmer who has tried the seed treater on his seed materials will not give up its effect in future seasons. The equipment we offer is distinguished by high quality, precision and reliability. It is rational to buy treaters, because they create a protective shell around the seeds and disinfect them. With them, you can resist severe types of plant diseases.
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