For the best service, the company ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” has the largest warehouse of components for treaters and sprayers in Ukraine.

When choosing agricultural machinery, it is important to remember that a heavy load on mechanisms leads to the need for scheduled repairs and replacement of worn parts every year. Proper maintenance of trailed sprayers will ensure reliable operation for many years. At the same time, we advise you to choose proven European manufacturers for spare parts. Savings on small repairs can turn into serious problems in the operation of equipment and unnecessary costs.

Where to look for spare parts for “Lvivagromashproekt” equipment?

By buying trailed sprayers of the Ukrainian manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt” you get a guarantee that you will not have to look for the necessary spare parts for a long time. The manufacturer will provide you with everything you need. All spare parts are original and in stock. With us, your equipment will not be idle. You can order spare parts and components for trailed sprayers of various models by calling the phones listed on the website, or by filling out the online form to receive feedback.

The company “Lvivagromashproekt” is a reliable manufacturer of agricultural machinery. We are always in touch with our customers.

The company ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” in Lviv uses only original spare parts, which guarantees the quality of repairs, reliability and a long service life of the equipment. The permanent nomenclature of the warehouse includes more than 500 items. We are always ready to offer you only original spare parts in order to extend the service life of your equipment. The company ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” guarantees the correct selection and fast delivery of spare parts. Most of 85% of the spare parts required by the Customer are available at our company’s warehouse. All spare parts are tested and of high quality. To create equipment with the highest level of quality, our company also uses components of the world’s leading manufacturers TeeJet, Bondioli&Pavesi, Polmac, Annovi Reverberi and others.


To order components, write to

+380 50 303 24 86 - Taras Volodymyrovych Vakula


The specialists of our company will help you place an order for original spare parts in any quantity. To accurately and quickly determine the necessary spare parts, the owner of the sprayer or treater should inform the manager-consultant of the model of the product and the year of manufacture.

The use of original spare parts extends the service life of your equipment.

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