Machines for treating seeds of grain and leguminous crops

Machines for treating seeds of grain and leguminous crops Machines for treating seeds of grain and leguminous crops

The process of treating seeds before sowing makes it possible to avoid crop loss and increase its efficiency from 40% to 55%. To automate this important stage of preparatory agricultural work, special machines for treatment of grains, soybeans, and beans help. The technique provides uniform complete treatment of seeds, and at the same time does not damage them. The material for sowing is resistant to many diseases, which has a positive effect on yield.
The company “Lvivagromashproekt” manufactures high-quality, accurate and reliable special equipment for treating seeds. The machines are easy to maintain and designed for a long service life.
Models of seed treating machines
We advise you to choose the model of the treater based on the amount of seed treatment in relation to the price of the equipment. The manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt” offers several models that have already been appreciated by Ukrainian farmers.
• Auger treater PNSh-3 (P) “Farmer”
• Auger treater PNSh-5 (P) “Hospodar”
• Chamber treaters PK-20, PK-20-02 “Super” (P) AFRS
• Stationary chamber treaters PKS-20 P, PKS-20 PB, PKS-20 PT
• Auger treater PNS-5
• Auger treater PNSh-3-01 (P) for big-bags
• Stationary treater PNS-5-01 for big-bags
The machines are capable of treating with chemicals from 1 to 20 tons of seeds per hour. The consumed power and dimensions are directly proportional to the performance of the equipment. Seed loading is carried out manually or automatically. You can also control the operation of the treater from the control panel.
The equipment for treating seeds does not require special care, the main units are made of stainless steel. All machines are easy to maintain, accurate in dosing and gentle on the seeds. That’s why you should choose the treaters based on the amount of treated seeds for your farm or agro-industrial enterprise.