Chamber seed treater PK-20 “Super” P

Seed Treater Machine

PK-20 Super (P) is a high-performance chamber treater. Agricultural instrument, intended for improving the quality properties of seed material. Treatment allows you to protect the seed material from diseases, fungus, and pests.
The unit is distinguished by a self-propelled structure that provides it with high autonomy in treatment. The treating machine of this model is designed for intensive use and is able to perform work with high productivity. The modern automated unit guarantees the high quality of pre-sowing seed treatment. Does not require aggregation with additional equipment. Suitable for work in various operating conditions.
Technical characteristics of the treater
It is equipped with a filling filter and a special halogen spotlight for working in rooms with insufficient lighting.
The unit independently prepares the working mixture, loads, processes and unloads the processed raw materials. Able to unload seeds to a height of up to 2.7 meters. That allows you to load processed seeds into a vehicle, in bags or in heaps.
PK-20 Super (P) is a high-quality chamber treater. Self-propelled unit that is effective in use. It is distinguished by ease of use, high level of profitability, excellent running parameters. The unit is equipped with modern management and control systems. The parameters of the working process are smoothly adjusted.
The process of preparing the working solution, the supply of material, the intensity of processing, and the discharge of the processed material are subject to regulation. The treater performs the entire work cycle fully automatically. From the preparation of the solution and the loading of raw materials to the unloading of the processed material.
A modern self-propelled machine with an electric drive, equipped with seed flow control elements and a peristaltic dosing pump for supplying working fluid НП-02. The simplest structure with a small number of augers minimizes damage to seeds during treatment.

Additional options of the treater
To order, the treater can be equipped with:
1. aspiration system;
2. module for applying liquid inoculants.
In addition, software is installed for the possibility of working in the mode of automatic regulation of the supply of working fluid (AFRS).

Why do you need the treater?
PK-20 Super (P) is an effective model of a chamber treater. It is used for preliminary treatment of seed material with specially prepared solutions. Treatment with special solutions (fungicides) has a positive effect on the quality properties of the material. Improves its parameters of germination and yield during harvesting. The design parameters of the treater provide a high level of treatment autonomy.


 PK-20 “Super” (P)

Productive capacity, t/hour


Charging auger width, m


Charging height, m


Tank capacity, l


Delivery rate of the working solution by means of the NP-02 dosing pump, l/min


Power consumption, kW


Overall dimensions, mm

4270 x 2980 x 2900

Weight, kg



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