Chamber stationary seed treaters PKS-20 PB

Seed Treater Machine

The seed treater PKS-20 PB is designed for treating grain seeds with aqueous solutions or suspensions of fungicides in shops intended for preparing seeds or at seed centers of enterprises of the agricultural complex.

The function of the seed treater and of its mechanisms is controlled from the control panel located on its housing. The seed treater is installed in the production line. Due to the peristaltic dosing pump NP-02, the seed treater can apply multi-component and more viscous working solutions.
The seed treater is equipped with a slow-speed blade auger with rubber pads to treat seeds of cultures prone to damage. The seed treater is easily cleaned due to the quickly dismountable treating chamber and blade auger.
Minimization of damaging seeds is achieved due to the possibility to change the speed of the discharging auger. The main units are made of stainless steel.