Dosage Module for liquid inoculum MDR-50

Seed Treater Machine

It is intended for supply of the required amount of liquid inoculants in sweeteners PC-20, PC-20-02 and PKC-20 in the trenching of leguminous seeds.
A mechanical stirrer is installed in the tank, which is necessary to stir the inoculant solution periodically.
The working fluid dispenser consists of a peristaltic pump, an electric motor and a control panel. The control of the dispenser of the working fluid is carried out by buttons located on the body.
When the pump is switched on, the rotor with rollers starts to rotate and through the hose sucks the liquid from the tank and feeds it to a three-way valve, while the display shows the flow of fluid in l / min. A three-way cock via a nipple also has a hose for connecting to a purifier and a hose for sampling when setting the dispenser to the required fluid supply.
When the pump is switched off, "OFF" is displayed, the fluid supply is stopped.
The productivity of the dispenser is controlled by changing the rotor's rotation frequency with the rollers by buttons.
Type peristaltic
Mass of dry (constructive), no more than, kg 16
Capacity of a tank of a working liquid, not more than, dm3 50
Feeding the dispenser of the working fluid, dm3 / min 0.1-3.3
Maximum working pressure, MA 0.1
Power supply - from AC mains, voltage, V 220