Sprayers from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” company

Sprayers from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” company Sprayers from ALC Lvivagromashproekt company

Buy Sprayers from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” company in Ukraine
Our company manufactures sprayers designed for quick, high-quality and safe application of plant protection agents in farms.
The main advantages of our sprayers:
1. Reliability in use.
2. Convenience of managing basic functions.
3. High productivity.
4. We provide a 24-month warranty for the use of our sprayers.
5. Sprayer tanks of our OWN MANUFACTURE. The very shape of the tank prevents the liquid from rocking and the sprayer from tipping over.
5. The tank contains 2 hydraulic mixers, which ensure effective mixing and concentration of the preparation.
6. Installation of a 5-section control panel on OPSh-2,4 sprayers and a 7-section control panel on OPSh-3500 sprayers. The increase in the number of sections is due to the increase in the efficiency of the use of navigation systems that support the function of turning off sections in automatic mode.
7. On sprayers of the OPSh-3500 series, the clearance of the sprayer is 750 mm, which makes it possible to treat almost all field crops at various stages of development without damaging them. The sprayer is equipped with wheels with an optimal radius of 9.5 R 48 to reduce the load on the soil and increase the agrotechnical clearance.
8. On the sprayers of the OPSh-3500 series, a rotary pump mechanism is installed, which provides better conditions for the operation of the cardan drive; the possibility of increasing the load on the front part of the sprayer.
The sprayers are equipped with a strong chassis and rod, which ensures a long service life under heavy loads.
The tank of the sprayer allows you to save time on refilling on large areas of crops.
Another important feature is the hydraulic rod, which is made of a special structure.
For our sprayers, we use powder painting, which allows to increase the rod’s resistance to corrosion, even with the introduction of liquid fertilizers, and thereby allows you to increase the service life of the sprayer.
The pendulum stabilization mechanism of the rod is equipped with a hydromechanical system for damping vertical oscillations, which keeps the rod in a horizontal position regardless of the unevenness of the fields.
Nozzles for spraying solutions are installed on stainless steel collectors.
In the manufacture of sprayers, specialists of the plant of ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” combine their own experience with the latest developments of world industry leaders.
To create equipment with the highest level of quality, our company uses components from the world’s leading manufacturers.
For the efficiency of the company’s work, the cooperation of the company’s specialists with the farmers of Ukraine and other countries of the world is very important.
Due to the constant maintenance of contacts of the service department with customers, the functionality of the implemented equipment is monitored throughout the entire period of operation and its timely maintenance is ensured.
The plant’s specialists are ready to provide highly qualified support and advice at any time.