Sprayer OPSH-3500


Sprayer OPSH-3500 are used for chemical protection of field crops from pests, diseases and weeds by continuous spraying of working fluids and the introduction of liquid mineral fertilizers. It is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4 t. The sprayer consists of a chassis, a tank with two hydraulic mixers and a level meter, a membrane-piston pump, a tank cleaning system and communications, rod, cardan transmission, suction and pressure communication with the corresponding filters, control and adjustment valves.

Polymer tank, solid construction with volume 3500 l. Single-frame frame T-shaped with a user-service platform. Articulated coupling eliminates the possibility of breakage cardan transmission. Suspension rod modern progressive design, designed for high dynamic loads, allowing installation of bar width capture 21.6 or 24 pm. Hydraulic rod allows height adjustment lifting barbell transfer from transport to working position and vice versa. Pendulum rod mechanism with the mechanism of correction provide copy relief field.  The sprayer is equipped with a self-service sleeve, pneumatic brake system and the signaling. Customized sprayer can be supplemented: navigation system TeeJet (USA),  mixer for preparation of working solutions Polmac (Italy), modular-LED illumination of sprayers, multi-position spray heads, injection sprayers for work at winds up to 6 m / s, devices for making CAS. The sprayers are equipped with accessories from leading European firms.


Features OPSh -3.5:

Spraying width, m

21.6; 24

Working height of the boom, m

0.5 – 2.1

Wheel tread, m

1.8; 2.1

Wheels, R

9.5 x 48

Pump, l/min


Tank volume, l