Trailed sprayers from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt”: an overview of models

Trailed sprayers from ALC Lvivagromashproekt: an overview of models

Today it is difficult to imagine farming without the mechanization of labor. Treating the soil with fertilizers before sowing, protecting plants from diseases at various stages of growth, as well as fighting pests and weeds - a modern trailed sprayer from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” will help cope with all these tasks.
We will talk about how to buy trailed sprayers profitably, and which models to choose.
Overview of models of trailed sprayers of the Ukrainian manufacturer “Lvivagromashproekt”
Trailed sprayers can be attached to tractors of various models. Their cost is much lower than self-propelled mechanisms, and the functionality is in no way inferior.
The sprayer consists of a spray system, a liquid tank, a hydraulic rod and a chassis. Relevant for all Lvivagromashproekt models: you buy trailed sprayers, delivery at the Manufacturer’s expense.
Let’s consider the features of each sprayer model separately.
Trailed rod sprayer OPSh-2418
The structure is aggregated with tractors of the class 1.4 p.c.; 2 p.c. Rod width - 18 m, tank capacity - 2400 l. Can work on slopes. At the request of the customer, additional equipment and options are selected.
Trailed blower sprayer OVP-2000
Attaches to tractors of the class 1.4 p.c. Row processing width - 8 m, height - 7 m. Suitable for treatment of vineyards, hop fields, gardens. Tank capacity - 1760 l. The liquid flow rate is adjustable, and the right and left sections of the sprayer can work separately.
Trailed rod sprayer OPSh-3521
Attaches to tractors of class 1.4 p.c. The width of the rod is set to 21 m. The tank holds 3,500 liters. The trailed sprayer is equipped with a brake system and light signaling. Additional equipment is possible.
Trailed rod sprayer ОPSh-3524
The model is aggregated with tractors of the class 1.4 p.c. The construction of the rod allows you to set a working width of 24 m. The capacity of the tank is 3500 liters. You can order various modifications and equipment.
Trailed rod sprayer OPSh-2421
Works with tractors of class 1.4 p.c.; 2 p.c. Track width is adjustable within 1.5 - 2.1 m. Rod width - 21 m, height varies from 0.5 to 1.9 m. Tank holds 2500 liters.
Modern trailed sprayers price in Ukraine
The cost of the sprayer depends on the characteristics and configuration. A bonus is added for all ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” models: trailed sprayers free delivery for each buyer.