Trailed sprayers from the manufacturer’s plant “Lvivagromashproekt”

Modern technology makes it possible to mechanize and simplify the work of farms at all stages of growing agricultural crops. Trailed sprayers from our Ukrainian manufacturing plant “Lvivagromashproekt” help to treat the soil with liquid mineral fertilizers, as well as reliably protect plants from diseases, weeds and pests.

Such a mechanism consists of a spraying system, a tank for a special liquid, a hydraulic rod and a chassis. Depending on the modification, trailed sprayers are aggregated with tractors of different classes.

Models of trailed sprayers

Sprayer selection depends on the area of cultivated soil: both small private farms and large farming enterprises can choose their option from us.

Here is a list of models of trailed sprayers from our plant:

In addition, at the request of the customer, the sprayers can be equipped with a mixer for preparing solutions, a system for blowing and cleaning the spray diffusers, LED lighting, injector spray diffusers for working in a windy weather. We offer three types of spray process control systems:

We offer our customers high-quality equipment at affordable prices, as well as warranty and post-warranty service from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Buy a trailed sprayer for the tractor in Ukraine

The automatic sprayer is designed for treating the soil with liquid mineral fertilizers and spraying field crops with means of chemical protection against diseases, weeds and pests.

Lviv sprayer for the tractor is distinguished by an improved design, which allows the use of this equipment in all climatic zones and for carrying out literally all protective chemical works in the field. These are one of the best models of sprayers, both in terms of quality and functional and technical capabilities.

A wide range of offered models allows the consumer to choose exactly the sprayer that will best suit his farm. Models may differ from each other in the volume of the liquid tank, pump performance, length of the hydraulic rod and other parameters, but the time-tested quality and guaranteed reliability in operation of trailed sprayers from “Lvivagromashproekt” will turn complex production processes in agriculture into truly comfortable ones.

After all, with the help of trailed sprayers

you can process large areas;
such equipment creates less pressure on the soil and increases the efficiency of processing areas;
Trailed sprayers have a more favorable price, and their technical equipment is extremely progressive and high-quality:

Currently, the market of high-quality agricultural machinery allows you to choose the necessary equipment both in terms of functionality and financial capabilities.

Where to buy a trailed sprayer?

You can order the necessary equipment from “Lvivagromashproekt” company, which presents functional and reliable sprayers designed for a long period of use. The following factors also contribute to the excellent quality of parts and assemblies in the presented sprayers:

Application of new constructive solutions and progressive modern technologies;
The use of components from the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, such as “TeeJet”, “Lechler”, “Annovi Reverberi”, “Polmac”, “Bondioli & Pavesi”, etc.
Buy a sprayer for the tractor from “Lvivagromaproekt” company and see for yourself its excellent production qualities at reasonable prices.