We offer a line of boom sprayers with working tank volumes of 2400 l and 3500 l, and a working boom width of 18, 21.6 and 24 m, equipped with the modern computer system TeeJet (USA), which makes it possible to operate with the navigation systems Matrix, including the possibility of turning off the boom sections automatically in case of travelling over already sprayed areas.
The sprayers are designed for use with tractors of drawbar class 1.4
The sprayer booms are equipped with a hydraulic system for boom extending and tilt adjustment. The two-point pendulum boom suspension provides for excellent stabilization of the boom regardless of the topography of the field. The structure elements are made of a square-section thick-walled tube with a sliding system with the use of polymeric materials. The double fixing of the boom sections in the working position assures reliable operation of the boom (hydraulic and mechanical locks).
Powerful pumps made by Annovi Reverberi (Italy) provide for high quality performance and mixing in the tank to achieve uniform concentration of agrochemicals in the working solution. The turntable pump platform assures best conditions for the functioning of the universal-joint drive.
The prayers are equipped with a sleeve for self-filling, a tank flushing system, a pneumatic brake system (OPSH 3.5) and a light alarm system (“stop” – “clearance” – “turn”). The perfectly smooth tank surface inside provides for a large advantage while cleaning working liquid residues out of the tank. The platform on the sprayer chassis accommo-dates the essential safety requirements while servicing the tank neck.
The sprayers are equipped with optimal radius wheels to reduce the specific pressure on the soil and to increase the agro-technical clearance.
On request, the sprayers may be supplemented with: a mixer-agitator Polmac (Italy) with a special folding bracket with the volume of 35 liters to prepare working solutions, module LED lighting of each nozzle; multi-position cut-off devices, injector nozzles for use during windy weather and devices for applying carbomide-ammonium mixtures.