Seed Treater Machine

Seed Treater Machine

The SEED TREATERS "Lvivagromashproekt" has been engineered for accuracy, flexibility and mobility, gentle seed handling and easy clean-out, all while reducing user exposure.
The speed, accuracy and flexibility of the "Lvivagromashproekt" seed treater provides the ultimate seed treating solution for your operation. Industry leading speed and capacity propels your business to the next level, allowing true just-in-time treating. The machines is highly-maneuverable and easy to use.
The "Lvivagromashproekt" SEED TREATERS is a completely self-contained, turn-key seed treater that uses an auto-calibration system and is safe enough to use on all seed types, including soybean, pulse and cereals.

Auger seed treaters are used for pre-sowing treatment of grain seeds with aqueous solutions or with suspensions of fungicides. The peristaltic dosing pump makes it possible to work with multi-component working solutions and ensures excellent dosing accuracy and stability of the working solution.

Unlike other seed treaters, the "Lvivagromashproekt" accurately measures untreated seed directly from the bin, precisely meters and applies the seed treatment, gently mixes the seed for consistent, even coverage and then transfers the treated seed into the truck, ready to plant. The simplified process provided by the seed treaters "Lvivagromashproekt" reduces user exposure, making in-the-yard seed treating safe, simple and convenient, while giving you total control over the seed treating process.

The "Lvivagromashproekt" offers the versatility of treating seed when you need it, where you need and can be controlled by the easy-to-use controls. It also meets the new industry requirements for commercial application.

Chamber, auger seed and grain treaters from Lvivagromashproekt.
The main components of high-quality seed treatment - the uniformity and completeness of their treatment with toxic chemicals and the preservation of crop seeds by the working bodies of machines - depend to a great extent on the perfection of technical means and the qualified use of the seed treater.
Treating the seeds of agricultural crops is the first and necessary step to limiting diseases, the pathogens of which spread with seeds. Simultaneously with the use of broad-spectrum treaters for the treatment of crop seeds, it is recommended to use plant growth regulators and trace elements, which in appropriate doses for certain agricultural crops stimulate plant development and increase their productivity.
For seed treatment of grain crops in Ukraine, our company ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” manufactures and uses a fairly wide range of different machines, which include stationary or mobile grain treaters of chamber or auger types. Among such technical means, high-performance mobile chamber grain treaters PK-20 “Super” (P) and PK-20-02 “Super” (P) are mainly used, with the help of which the treated seeds are loaded into the autoloader of seeders, and auger treaters of the PNSh-5 (P) and PNSh-3 (P) type with loading of treated seeds into bags.
To disinfect the seeds of grain crops at stationary points in the technological lines for seed preparation, the PKS-20 PT grain treater is used.
The quality of seed treatment by the mentioned technical means depends on the perfection of the work process carried out by the applied treaters, which determines their technical level.
Auger seed treaters
The auger seed treater carries out the process of applying treating agents to seeds by feeding dosed streams of seeds and the preparation into the auger and mixes them during transportation to the discharge throat. Stationary and mobile grain seed treaters of this type technologically differ only in the method of feeding seeds into the hopper: for this purpose, mobile ones are equipped with a special auger for picking seeds from heaps, while stationary ones are loaded with the help of additional devices or manually.
The PNSh-5 (P), PK-20 “Super” (P) and PK-20-02 “Super” (P) mobile seed treaters use augers to pick up the seeds from the heap and feed them into the hopper, from where they enter the auger through the dosing valve along with the preparation that is applied to the seeds during their transportation to the discharge throat.
Advantages and disadvantages of auger seed treaters
• simplicity of construction;
• high quality of seed treatment;
• impossibility of treating seeds of sunflower, corn, legumes.
Chamber seed treaters
The working process of chamber seed treaters of grain crops includes: dosing and feeding of seeds and working fluid into the treating chamber, formation of the flow of seeds in the form of an empty cylinder, their preliminary treatment with drops of sprayed liquid preparation in a special chamber.
Due to the preliminary treatment of the seeds with a cross flow of drops of the preparation in the treating chamber, this type of wheat treater provides better uniformity of treatment of the seeds with the preparation than auger ones. However, chamber treating machines for grain crops cannot do without additional mixing of seeds with the auger, since the treating chamber does not provide the required quality of seed treatment.
Advantages of chamber seed treaters
• better uniformity of seed treatment with the preparation compared to auger treaters;
• uniform treatment of seeds with the preparation in the treating chamber compared to auger ones.
These wheat and cereal seed treaters are designed for productivity of up to 20 t/h and are intended for the treatment of seeds of cereals, legumes and technical crops with working liquids of pesticides and can be used in special treatment departments of seed treatment plants, treatment units, at seed treatment sites of agricultural enterprises and farms.
Buy a seed and grain treater from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt”
Treaters from ALC “Lvivagromashproekt” are easy to maintain and reliable in operation, subject to compliance with all the instructions contained in the operating manual.
In the Ukrainian market, the most well-known and widely used are the PNSh-5 (P) and PNSh-3 (P), PK-20 “Super” (P) wheat treaters of our production.